5 Ways Physiotherapy Can Alleviate Aches and Pains

Physiotherapy is a program that integrates a variety of management therapies to help individuals achieve better strength and mobility. The program uses manual manipulation and exercise, which is done by adapting the use of massage, prostheses, the use of mechanical manipulation, and stimulation by heat, cold, or electricity. Read more to learn 5 ways physiotherapy Brampton can help alleviate aches and pains:

1. Relieves Painful Knees

A study from the University of Western Ontario found that medication and physiotherapeutic treatment was just as effective treating painful and injured knees as invasive surgery. A physiotherapist will perform an assessment of the biomechanics of an individual’s knee and develop a series of exercises to improve flexibility and strength. As a result, the therapy will directly treat the problem not only the symptoms.

2. Helps With Breathing Problems

There are a wide range of conditions, such as sleep apnea, stress, and asthma, which can cause an individual to breath incorrectly. A physiotherapist can establish a program of proper breathing exercises and help their patients learn how to use these techniques in their everyday lives.

3. Treats Pelvic Floor Disorders

An individual’s pelvic floor muscles are responsible for many bodily functions, which include bladder and bowel movements, and these muscles also help with sexual function. Furthermore, pelvic floor muscles are essential for keeping a spine straight and making sure internal organs are in the correct place. A physiotherapist can determine if an individual’s pelvic floor muscles are overly stretched or too tense and can recommended a series of pelvic floor exercises to treat the problem. For immediate relief, a physiotherapist may also apply gentle pressure point massage on certain muscles.

4. Relieves Chronic Pain

Those who have chronic pain, which is caused by spinal compression fractures, may find relief from physiotherapeutic treatment by strengthening the muscles that support the lumbar region. It only took a few months of treatment for individuals to have an increase of mobility, and these individuals also needed less pain medication due to the effectiveness of the therapy.

5. Alleviates Lower Back Pain

There are about 24 muscles in the lower back that are essential for proper posture. Physiotherapeutic therapy uses exercises that strengthens muscles in the lower back and also reprograms surrounding muscles to work more efficiently. As a result, an individual will have far less lower back pain.

Physiotherapeutic therapy is supported by a body of evidence that proves it is an effective way to relieve aches and pains in the body. Aside from the 5 listed ways mentioned, there are many more ways this treatment can benefit individuals. The treatment is an ideal way to alleviate pain without having to undergo invasive surgery or rely on pain medication.

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