6 Reasons to Hire a Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy Brampton is a branch of medical care involving specialists that focus on beneficial therapeutic programs for a variety of physical ailments. The goal is to improve the function of the body to a level that is as close to normal levels as possible. Below are six specific situations in which hiring a physiotherapist is most helpful.

1. Heart Attack Recovery

Regaining balance in life after a heart attack can take time. All patients have to be carefully monitored to ensure that heart activity is strong as they gradually return to normal activities. Activities are planned and supervised to check that the patient is progressing towards a full recovery.

2. Stroke or Other Neurological Injury/Illness

Strokes and other neurological injuries and disease can leave a patient debilitated. Therapy is the best way to relearn activities and get stronger. The ultimate goal is to return to a normal routine. Professional therapists work on the specialized needs of each patient. The length of therapeutic routines will depend on the extent of the problems.

3. Breathing Problems

Asthma, COPD and other types of lung disorders and disease can make it difficult to breathe. Respiratory therapy specialists work with each patient to improve lung capacity, oxygen intake and overall ease of breathing. This can be done through a combination of medications and breathing treatments. They will alert the treating physician of any further difficulties.

4. Musculoskeletal Problems

Pulled muscles, broken bones, strains and other musculoskeletal problems can make normal movement difficult for long periods of time. A therapist that specializes in the muscular and skeletal system will help the patient regain and maintain proper movement, balance, and muscle tone. It is important that patients, whether they are mobile or stationary, exercise muscles on a regular basis.

5. Surgical Recovery

Surgical procedures can leave a patient in a prone position for weeks, or even months. Regular therapy during the recovery period will help the muscles stay limber and toned. Great care is given to each patient that the surgical area is well-protected during the therapy sessions. The program intensifies as healing progresses.

6. Basic Living Skills

Natural aging can lead to conditions in which the body becomes increasingly weaker, making it more difficult for the patient to take care of their own needs. Basic living skills routines can be coordinated with expert therapists to help prolong the ability to stay out of assisted living, or full-care facilities.

The active role the physiotherapist plays in the lives of a variety of patients helps them regain and continue with a higher quality of life.

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