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7 Benefits of Adult Massages

Although many people have never experienced how good a sensual massage feels, that isn’t all that makes these massages so beneficial. They do feel good but they also offer a variety of other benefits. Below are seven of them.

1. They Allow for Increased Intimacy

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A sensual massage increases intimacy by using sensual touch, great eye contact, and connected breathing. You become more “one” during this type of massage and it increases the intimacy not only during the massage itself but in the rest of the time you’ll spend together. Learn more by visiting the Allure massage website.

2. They Can Activate Healing Throughout the Body

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An erotic massage can awaken all of your senses and activate whole-body healing. This makes erotic massages great for both physical and medical reasons. The body was meant to heal itself and this is done much more quickly and more naturally through these types of massages.

3. They Allow for Much Better Orgasms

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Because sensual massage uses sound, breathing, and movement, it allows for much stronger and intense orgasms. This type of massage is a buildup to a great orgasm because it is slow and methodical, allowing you to enjoy a brand-new type of orgasm.

4. They Allow You to Get Very Creative

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There are no exact rules to erotic massages, which means that you can get as creative as you like and reap the rewards afterwards. You can even make up the rules as you go along, exploring new areas and enjoying each and every stroke and movement as you can with few other types of massage.

5. They Create a True Sense of Oneness

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Few things can make you feel as “one” with your partner as a good sensual massage. During the massage, it is easy to let go of those feelings that you are two separate individuals and instead experience a feeling of oneness that is seldom felt in life.

6. They Create a Better Connection Between the Two Individuals

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Fewer acts create a true connection between two individuals than an erotic massage. With this type of massage, you connect with your partner in ways you cannot connect with him or her otherwise. It is a true connection that is seldom felt otherwise.

7. They Allow You to Get Rid of Your Inhibitions

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A good erotic massage gets you so relaxed that you will lose your inhibitions, which makes not only the massage part great but the sex that comes afterwards as well. You lose inhibitions and are therefore able to enjoy the sex act as you never have before.

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