Exhibitor information

Bizarre Bazaar ​ - BizBaz - is a truly unique experience in the country. 

​2015 was the first year for BizBaz in Canada and with over 3,000 visitors, it was a successful start. Fashioned after a similar event held in Kenya for the last 15 years, BizBaz is a singular environment that encourages 

visitors to socialize, connect, interact and shop.  Visitors will have their interest piqued and be entertained by specialty exhibitors such as gourmet food trucks, artists, a bar, tattoo artists, and new creative technology to mention just a few.  

Where:   BizBaz will again be held at the beautiful Osprey Valley Golf Course right on the practice range in front of the clubhouse. It is an easily geo-mapped location with infrastructure and handy parking. One visitor to Osprey Valley Golf Course said, "...it is almost mystical in its beauty". Look for it at 18821 Main Street, Alton in the Caledon Hills.  www.ospreyvalleygolf.com

When:   6th & 7th August, 2016. BizBaz tents open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

Participants:   Exhibitors of all kinds are sought with an eye to offering the public access to products and services of high quality but not readily or routinely seen at such an event. BizBaz is establishing a reputation of offering the public a carefully curated selection of applied and fine artwork of exceptional quality combined with immersive experiences that are both interesting and fun.  The considerations that have taken place regarding the selection of exhibitors include an emphasis on craftsmanship, innovation, interaction and exploration. Additionally, we sought originality in conception and execution, quality of workmanship and excellence of design. Lab reserves the right to decide about the appropriateness of all work or products to be included at BizBaz.

Standards:   We seek original work that is well designed and fabricated. No sales representative: we want you intimately involved in displaying and selling your products or services at BizBaz. A bona fide employee knowledgeable about your production is acceptable. No kits or imports are allowed. No buy/sell items are allowed.

Demonstrations:   We seek and encourage good demonstrations and interactivity with visitors. 

Application form:  Please fill out the required form to request booth size and any additional requirements. ​ Your signed application form reflects your commitment to do BizBaz and as such, is your contract with us. After we accept you, cancellation fees will apply.

Photos/images:   Please send 3 digital images of your work and 1 of your booth setup. Please email images to heidi@bizbaz.ca in JPG format at a high resolution (300 dpi). Images may be used in advertising for the show.

Deposits and application fee:   Early bird special of $350.00 until December 31, 2015, after that fee increases to $400.00. Included with your application you must enclose a single deposit of $150.00.  This deposit is required to secure your spot in BizBaz.  The balance to follow before March 31, 2016. You may pay by paypal or cheque. Late payment will result in a $25.00 late fee.

Notification and cancellation policies:   We will send out acceptance information along with your invoice.  If you cancel after that date, there will be a cancellation fee of $150.  This amount is not refundable. Partial refunds of your full booth fee may be given based on when your cancellation is received and if we can fill your spot.  No refunds are available within 30 days of BizBaz.

Etiquette:   Our procedures have been carefully established for your safety, profitability and enjoyment.  Although our management style is relaxed, we expect you to make timely payments, to be on time for setup and to remain set up until the very end.  We expect every BizBaz representative to treat you courteously, professionally and with respect.  Like you, we want have fun and be successful while exceeding the expectations of visitors.

Publicity and advertising:   Whatever it takes, we do. We spend the money to promote BizBaz. Our ads are classy and visually pop-out on the printed and online page. We develop and use a mailing list. We update our website regularly and link with many other sites to spread the word. Visitors to our site will be able to search for you throughout the year. 

Now for that legal - Acts of God, Mother Nature, Health Hazards etc. - stuff: If Lab is forced to cancel a show due to Acts of God, Mother Nature, Government Order etc., there will be no refund of booth fees.  We will not issue refunds for any other liabilities concerning the failure to fulfill this contract due to reasons of the venue being destroyed by fire, weather or other calamity. If we cancel BizBaz by our own choice, we will completely refund your payment. 

2015 BizBaz Exhibitors...

Fun Activities

Drones: Industrial Skyworks

 Archers of Caledon

Cricket Food

Fly Fishing: Cabela's

Falconry: Kingsport Environmental

Jody's Flair for Hair

Citrus Tattoo

Kids Zone

Nail Painting: Spa Zone

Remax Golf Competition


Island of Icelandicness

Equestrian Zone

Golf Clinic Osprey

Mini Putt


Wicked Shortbread

Hockley Valley Coffee


ClubArt Graffiti Wall

Al Pacas

Apple Press - Spirit Tree Cidery

Awesome Airbrush

Fly Tying


Food and Water First


Geocaching - Geo Supplies

Fat bikes - Cycling Elements

Glen Echo

50 Pesos Food Truck

Ray's Bakery

Soup Girl

Hand Smoked Pork by

Josh Gonneau