How Seniors Can Be Safe On The Road

Ideally, seniors would be able to continue to drive for the rest of their lives. Being able to drive gives a senior a significantly greater amount of independence and mobility. However, as seniors age, it becomes more likely that they will become involved in a crash due to cognitive impairment and other difficulties. However, even for seniors who are struggling to drive, there are home care services that may be able to help as well.

Benefits Of Being A Senior Driver

There are some advantages to being a senior motorist. Seniors are more likely to wear seat belts. They are more likely to drive under conditions that are safer. Seniors are also more likely to drive while under the influence of alcohol. There are also actions seniors can take to reduce the risk that they will be involved in accidents. Also, seniors have more experience as drivers, which also plays a role in having fewer accidents.

Stay In Good Shape

Seniors should exercise and try to stay in good shape. Exercise is good for the brain and will leave the senior more prepared for any incidents that he or she will need to quickly respond to. Performing workouts to improve strength and flexibility will also assist a senior in better operating the motor vehicle.

Consult With Your Doctor

Seniors should consult with their doctors about whether their medications will have an impact on their ability to drive. Certain medications may need to be changed or senior may simply be unable to operate a motor vehicle if he or she is still under the medications.

Adapt Your Environment

Seniors benefit considerably from adaptive equipment that is designed to make it easier for seniors to sit comfortably. Pedal extenders, seat lifts, steering devices and panoramic mirrors will all make it easier for a senior to remain comfortable while controlling a vehicle. Seat belt adjusters are recommended for seniors who are struggling to use their seat belts. Easy-locking seat belts are also recommended.

Have Your Eyes And Ears Checked

Make sure to have your eyes checked every year. Vision is more likely to decline with age. Also important is to have your hearing checked every year.

If you are having a difficult time driving, it may be important to consider whether you should have someone else drive for you. It can be difficult to do away with the independence that you once had. If you do not want to rely on friends and family members to drive you from destination to destination, there are also home care Toronto agencies that provide a variety of services, including transportation.

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