Immigrant Home Health Care Workers Growth

A growing demand exists for home health care workers. Certainly, these industrious individuals are an important part of the health care team. They work with the disabled, chronically ill, and elderly patients. They provide patients with care that helps them get through their daily activities. The workers are assigned to medical facilities, hospitals, and the client’s home. People in the health care community are working diligently to attract more workers into the field.

Immigrant Home Health Care Workers
Certainly, one would wonder about the dwindling number of home health care workers. The surprising fact is that one in four direct care workers are immigrants. The training period for the workers is less than a year. Consequently, they are able to start their career within several months. Generally, all that is required is a high school diploma or equivalent along with some form of training to prepare the individual to provide direct care to the disabled, elderly, or invalid. The surprising fact is that immigrants are about a third of the workforce. In addition, the workers are mostly at the poverty level or below. Many of the immigrant workers depend on other forms of governmental assistance to survive. In fact, nearly half of the immigrant workers rely on some form of assistance.

Immigrants Under The Radar
The number of immigrant workers in the home health care field is growing. It is growing significantly higher than the number of natural born citizens that are entering the field. Studies show that the immigrant workers are mostly undocumented immigrants that have slipped under the radar. Why are there so many undocumented workers? Well, the fact is that many people would rather circumvent governmental agencies and hire the immigrants to work for their agency or in a private home. However, more studies need to be done to determine the other real issues behind the status of immigrant workers in home health care Toronto.

Home Health Care’s Future
The fact is that home care jobs do not pay enough to attract today’s younger generation. Certainly, more people would join the field, if the pay-scale was higher. Many people that work in the career are still living well below the poverty level. In fact, the median pay hovers around the poverty level. Undocumented immigrants are the main workforce. The only way to attract more legalized immigrants and citizens is to raise the pay-scale and offer those working in the field more career opportunities and job advancement.

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