Overview of Home Health Care Statistics in Canada

Home health care services are being accessed more regularly by people in Canada and the United States. A primary reason why home health care services are being accessed at an ever higher rate rests in the fact that people want to maintain as much independence as possible. Home support services provide older Canadians this opportunity.

Use of Home Health Care Services by Gender

Women over the age of 65 are significantly more likely to take advantage of Home Health Care Toronto service than is the case with their male counterparts. Home health services usage by women is 55 percent higher than for men.

There a number of reasons for this deviation in usage. There is evidence to suggest that when both spouses are living, a husband is more apt to access home health assistance for his wife. On the other hand, a wife is a bit less likely to access these services for a husband. The theory is that when it comes to more minor issues, a female spouse seems more willing to provide necessary assistance and not seek out professional aid for her husband.

Relationship Status and Home health care

When it comes to home health services, a significant percentage of women were over the age of 85 and widowed when they first sought assistance of this nature. The primary spousal relationship was not the only one considered when home health services were analyzed.

Over 85 percent of home health patients over the age of 65 actually have a primary caregiver outside of the home. Thus, this out-of-residence primary caregiver typically is significantly involved in the process of obtaining and assisting with the individual or individuals provided trough a home care agency.

Unlike women, men over the age of 65 in home health care were far less likely to have an out-of-residence primary care provider. Men over the age of 65 are three times as likely to have their spouse serving as a their primary caretaker than is the case with women over that age.

Types of Home Health Services

By far the most common type of home health service provided to people over the age of 65 is skilled nursing. About 84 percent of all services provided fall into this category.

Physical therapy accounts for about 40 percent of services provided. Wound care accounts for about 14 percent of home health services provided to people over the age of 65. Some individuals receive multiple types of services.

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