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The Four Benefits of Having an Adult Massage

Massage as a physical therapy offers many physical benefits and is a great way for many people to relieve stress and recover from soft tissue injuries. Sensual massage is different in that it is largely focused on the libido and the improvement of sexual health. But what are the main benefits?

1. Reduce Inhibitions

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When we are kids, we are mostly free of inhibitions; however, as we get older, we are often told that we should cover up and be ashamed of our bodies. In fact, many people are negatively affected by feelings about their naked bodies and this can lead to difficulty with intimate relationships.

A sensual massage can be a first step on the road to letting go of inhibitions and feeling more comfortable with the naked body. This is essential to building satisfying and long-lasting intimate relationships in our lives. The Allure Massage website is a useful resource for additional information.

2. Improve Physical Health

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Even though this type of massage is focused on the libido and sexual health, the act of a tissue massage can improve physical health. Massage helps blood flow to specific areas of the body, thus improving recovery times from injury. It is also known to improve joint health and ease the pain and discomfort of tight muscles.

3. Improve Relationships

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A key aspect of any intimate relationship is feeling comfortable with ourselves and our bodies. Unfortunately, due to the stresses of life and the way that we feel about ourselves, intimate relationships can become fraught and lonely.

Sexual and tantric massage can help to release our deeper feelings and help us to focus on the needs of our intimate partners. This can lead to the sort of openness and expressiveness that results in enhanced relationships.

4. Improve Sexual Health in Men

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Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction and this can place an unnecessary burden upon their sexual relationships. Unfortunately, men in this situation often don’t want to talk about it or seek treatment for it. For too many people, this leads to unsatisfying sex lives and partnerships.

A sexual or tantric massage can help to improve blood flow to the genitals in men and improve the duration and strength of erections. A massage of the soft perineal area between the testicles and the anus, often done in this type of massage, helps to improve this blood flow as it also gently massages the prostate area.

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